About Us


The Etonkids Educational Group (“Etonkids”) is a collaborative of experts in the fields of education, research and school management established by alumni of Harvard and Northwestern universities, with representatives of international Montessori organizations. Since its founding, Etonkids has utilized educational philosophies and models of successful school management from around the world in improving China’s early education sector and establishing the country’s premier institution of bilingual early education.

Etonkids students throughout China excel and realize their potential in standardized classrooms that are comfortable places of hands-on learning and benefit from 100 years of proven Montessori practice, world renowned expertise in early childhood development, and teams of dedicated and internationally certified teachers.

Etonkids has won numerous awards and is nationally recognized as a top education provider. Through over ten years of excellence and refinement, Etonkids has succeeded in creating learning environments and curriculums perfectly suited to the needs of China’s emerging generation and has established a new benchmark in the country for early childhood education.

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