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Kindergarten marks a child’s first step out of the home and into society. We strive to make this a pleasant and exciting experience for children by providing atmospheres that are safe, inviting, full of caring teachers, new friends, and wonderful things to explore. Once acclimated to the rhythms of school life, children can concentrate their energies on the array of things to learn:

Your child’s Etonkids curriculum places emphasis on academics, as well as character development, sports and the arts to create well-rounded leaners. The “Etonkids Three C’s” of Creativity, Character, and Culture are naturally integrated into all lessons to create a comprehensive learning experience in which children build knowledge, self-confidence, desire to take initiative and problem solving skills. Only at Etonkids does your child benefit from a carefully arranged combination of subjects:

   The full range of Montessori classroom subject areas and materials

   Uniquely tailored English curriculum

  Enriched Chinese curriculum

  Personal character development

  Extra-curricular activities, Summer & Winter camps, and community events

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