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Character Development

Etonkids' Character Development program is built around foundations of grace and courtesy, explores a new virtue each month of the school year and is divided for use by two different age groups: Nursery (0 – 3) and Casa (3 – 6). Through original Etonkids' grace and courtesy role-playing cards and activities, the program attempts to instill these important moral values in students, culminating in monthly event celebrations, that also incorporate holidays, and invite both children and parent participation. Some virtues covered by the program include compassion, honesty, respect, responsibility, courage, and tolerance, among others.


Etonkids specially designed Chinese language curriculum addresses all essential areas of childhood communication: conversation, song, rhyme and rhythm, description, storytelling, reading and plot summarizations. The curriculum naturally integrates lessons in character development, traditional culture and customs, and themes from Chinese classical literature.


The Etonkids English Everyday (EEE) academic program combines a variety of different learning styles and approaches in order to give your child superior English foundations. Based around the Etonkids Everyday English Student Books and Workbooks, the EEE Academic program involves small and large group lessons that utilize songs, Total Physical Response (TPR) and Dramatic Play activities, puppet roleplaying dialogues, English storybooks, Montessori activities and more, all specifically tailored for your child’s classroom by the Etonkids Academic Research and Development team…


Exercises in everyday living skills help to develop hand-eye and fine motor coordination, increase attention span, identify and achieve objectives through a set sequence, and gain a sense of independence. These are skills that are later transferred into writing and other higher pursuits. This is also the section of the classroom to which young ones are often drawn to first, due to their recognizing many of the objects on the shelves. As a child masters the Practical Life materials, he becomes confident in his abilities, and becomes eager to tackle the more demanding lessons he sees the older children doing: mathematics, language, sciences, geography and so on...

Specialty Classes

Children naturally love music. It has been shown that music studies enhance children’s cognitive abilities and brain development.  Etonkids’ music curriculum covers major musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, pitch, and melody taught through appealing songs from different genres and activities that encourage whole body expression to tie with music concepts being learned...


Each month, your Etonkids child experiences a content-immersive learning experience through our cohesive Thematic Curriculum. This approach unites the varied aspects of the child’s world while providing the framework necessary for learning how to categorize and classify objects, animals and ideas – skills imperative for the development of higher critical thinking skills. Our qualified teachers and academic professionals design varied and creative thematic classroom environments and curricula that take advantage of the already rich Montessori materials available. The Thematic Curricula are implemented year-round.
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