Etonkids English Everyday

The Etonkids English Everyday (EEE) academic program combines a variety of different learning styles and approaches in order to give your child superior English foundations. Based around the Etonkids Everyday English Student Books and Workbooks, the EEE Academic program involves small and large group lessons that utilize songs, Total Physical Response (TPR) and Dramatic Play activities, puppet roleplaying dialogues, English storybooks, Montessori activities and more, all specifically tailored for your child’s classroom by the Etonkids Academic Research and Development team…

EEE is comprehensive 5 year learning program designed for children ages 6 and under: The first 2 years of the curriculum for children 18 months to 24 months, and the second 3 years geared toward children 3 to 6 years old. The program focuses on mileposts in three key areas of language development: oral, writing & penmanship, and reading.

Oral Language Development

Spoken Language is the basis of reading and writing. The program engaging children in a variety of oral language activities emphasizing students’ use of language as they listen and share poems, rhymes, songs and stories. Older children learn rules for conversation and skills for participation in discussions as well as how to formulate basic investigative questions.

Writing & Penmanship

Writing is a reflection of a child’s oral language development and children often write before they are able to read. Children begin their writing experience through dramatic play and naturally progress to drawing and writing. Children also learn to develop and refine the skill of penmanship, beginning with drawings, scribbles, and letter approximations that lead to proper letter formations.


Students immerse in a literature rich environment where they learn to appreciate the function and beauty of the printed word. Older children learn to synthesize and segment syllables and phonemes, develop an understanding that letters represent sounds, and eventually learn phonetic sounds – a process that leads to reading full English words, phrases and simple sentences.

Etonkids KidsPlus

KidsPlus English & Me

KidsPlus English & Me is an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) program offered at Etonkids Huizhi Bilingual Kindergarten campuses. The thematic lessons consist of engaging, developmentally-appropriate activities that introduce children to English vocabulary and expression in a lively and supportive environment. The use of music stimulates and enhances language acquisition, whole-body physical expression (through the Total Physical Response approach), improves retention, and makes each lesson a fun and effective learning experience.

KidsPlus Music & Me

KidsPlus Music & Me uses thematic 30-minute lessons to help children improve important language, listening, and social skills. Taught 100% in English, KidsPlus Music & Me gives children all the cognitive benefits of music and movement through engaging activities that include songs, rhymes, dances and stories. This curriculum is offered at Etonkids International Kindergarten and Etonkids Bilingual Kindergarten campuses.

Etonkids Music Program

Etonkids English & Me

Incorporating music, literature, poetry and language, Etonkids English & Me is a language learning program specifically designed for Chinese learners of English. The English language is presented in an environment that is welcoming and fun for the child, encouraging them to produce the language they are learning while enjoying and exploring different musical instruments and songs. 

Etonkids Laugh & Learn

Etonkids Laugh & Learn program incorporates every element of music to stimulate your child’s development of phonetic awareness in preparation for language, and stimulates the imagination. Through rhymes, instrument exploration and storytelling, children learn to love music and all that comes with it. 

Etonkids Move & Groove

Musical activities with a fun and exciting movement component help your child develop motor control along with social and language skills. These classes are fun for kids who are ready to start striking out on their own, with musical accompaniment! 

Etonkids Phonics

The Etonkids Phonics Curriculum allows children to enjoy learning reading and pronunciation through the use of the Etonkids Early Readers, a series of high quality phonics books and DVDs.  Based upon sound research in linguistic development and education, research and educational/professional experience of the Etonkids Academic Research Team, the Etonkids Early Readers series is used in Etonkids Bilingual Kindergartens (link to Etonkids Bilingual Kindergarten) and Huizhi Bilingual Kindergartens (link to Etonkids Huizhi Bilingual Kindergarten).  It consists of 20 Phonics books and corresponding DVD stories that progress in difficulty, phonics activity books with further activities to practice, recordings of pronunciation patterns (blending), and original DVD songs related to each story.

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