Educational Ethos

With the full support of the Etonkids community, children are encouraged to meet high standards in both their academic and interpersonal development.

We expect our students to learn how to:

  • Show courtesy and integrity in day-to-day life

               - Politeness

               - Generosity

               - Honesty

               - Empathy

  • Have an inquisitive nature
  • Value hard work in order to reach one’s goals
  • Be well-rounded individuals with a variety of skills and interests
  • Develop their problem solving skills not only in mathematics, but also in areas such as interpersonal relationships and life skills.


Etonkids also recognizes the essential role of parental involvement in a child’s education. We promote a healthy dialogue between teachers and parents, ensuring that each child be able to develop in consistent, and mutually reinforcing environments.

Most of all, Etonkids students are taught to have a lifelong appreciation and love of learning for its own sake, creating a generation of future adults who will be able to ask intelligent questions, think critically, and tackle new challenges with both grace and diligence.

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