Bilingual Education

Bilingualism:  Your Child's Passport to the World

Etonkids Montessori curricula cater to children from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

After many years of monolingual complacency, times are changing as China continues opening its doors and the need for English Language skills becomes increasingly essential. As more parents begin considering bilingual education for their child, they often wonder:

Just how will bilingualism benefit my child?

Research evidence accumulated over the last three decades concludes that there are numerous cognitive benefits that result from speaking more than one language at a young age. One of the most interesting research findings states that bilingualism has a positive effect on the intellectual growth of children and enriches a child's mental development, leaving him or her with more flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language and a better ear for listening.

Bilingual education has been shown to foster classification skills, concept formation, analogical reasoning, visual-spatial skills, creativity and other cognitive gains. In addition, bilingual individuals, less bound by words due to owning two languages, demonstrate superior story-telling skills.

The advantages resulting from knowing two languages at a young age is not exclusive to a child’s cognitive development. A child's social development is enhanced in many ways as a direct result of speaking two languages. Children who speak and understand a second language possess an additional means of considering the experiences of their surroundings.

Second language skills can be a passport to the world, opening the door to other cultures. For example, those who speak and understand more than one language often benefit more from travel and interactions with people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Bilingualism gives the child the ability to communicate with people he would otherwise not have had a chance to know. As a result, bilinguals understand, respect and develop relationships with people from different cultures.

At Etonkids, we offer enriched learning environments where your child will benefit from all the aspects of bilingual education. We recognize the uniqueness of each child and are aware of our responsibility in meeting a student’s linguistic needs at each stage of his or her development so that each child may reach his or her fullest potential.

Our language programs of early childhood education build on the premise that a child’s native language is a core asset to be fostered. By valuing children’s native languages we ensure that learning a second language is an additive process, not one that results in any loss of the native language. As such, our language programs lead to improved self-esteem and help foster a child’s positive identity with his or her native language and cultural identity.

Bilingualism is a key to a richer personal and cultural life.

Help your child reap all the rewards!

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