Our Promise

Commitment to Excellence

Choosing your child’s first school is one of the most important decisions you face as a parent. We know that there is nothing more precious in this world to you than your child, and we are proud to share in your aim to provide your child with only the very best. Should you ever experience dissatisfaction with any aspect of your child’s experience (link to Home) at an Etonkids campus, (link to Campuses) we encourage you to contact us immediately.

We promise to provide:

1.  Outstanding learning experiences that enable the children under out care to excel in the content areas, each student at his or her own pace, and with caring support;

2.  Nurturing and supportive learning environments that meet each student’s social, cultural, and linguistic needs;

3.  Opportunities for students to harness their natural eagerness to learn and explore our world in positive, non-threatening atmospheres.

4.  Enriching curricula (link to Enrichment Programs) that that foster students to become critical thinkers who respect their fellow human beings and the environment, and who develop a life-long love for learning.

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