The Etonkids Advantage

You’ll notice advantages the moment you step inside an Etonkids campus. (link to Campuses)  We provide only positive learning experiences in tune with your child’s natural development and intrinsic motivation. Look for the following on your next visit to Etonkids campus.

1. Your child’s happiness is the top priority

Ask an Etonkids (link to Home) student working lovingly and intently on a project what he or she is doing, and you’ll receive a smile and a proud answer of “It’s my work!” Students take great pride in their “work” because they’ve chosen it out of their own interest. At Etonkids, we believe that a happy learner is a successful learner, and good study habits formed early last a lifetime. 

2. Foundations for a bright future

Since its founding, Etonkids’ mission has been to make world-class early education available to children in China and give students foundations for personal and academic success. No matter where life takes you, an Etonkids foundation in Creativity, Character, & Culture will give your child the self-confidence to welcome challenges and overcame obstacles both in school and in life.

3. Trained educators who truly care about your child

Etonkids’ dedicated early childhood professionals are there to ensure that your child succeeds and derives pleasure from the learning process. At Etonkids, your child benefits from the time-tested Montessori educational philosophy   (link to Montessori Philosophy) implemented by experienced and internationally certified teachers.

4. Preparation for the challenges ahead

We live in an increasingly integrated and competitive world. At Etonkids, we give your child optimal preparation for the challenges ahead through dual foundations in Western and Chinese education and culture, placing heavy emphasis on achieving fluency in tomorrow’s key languages: English and Mandarin.

5.  A community of young learners helping each other

Step inside an Etonkids classroom you’ll be amazed to see children teaching other children. As your child masters skills, he becomes eager to demonstrate them to others, and within our unique mixed age group setting, we encourage your child to experience roles of both learner and teacher. 

6. A world of hands-on exploration

Your child’s Etonkids classroom is full of comfortable spaces and things to discover. Learning takes place through hands-on experiences and according to your child’s own pace. Complete with furniture specially designed for your child’s height, all the attractive Montessori learning materials are always within easy reach.

7.  An array of activities that stimulate and motivate

The scientifically designed and time-tested materials in your child’s classroom cater to your child’s unique learning needs at each stage of development. Because they’re designed around the principle of making abstract concepts concrete, and feature built-in error correction, your child is able to solve “difficult” problems through a combination of physical manipulation and logical sequencing. Your child’s teacher shares the joy each time your child “lights up” at having learned something new. And at Etonkids, this happens continually.

8. True development that lasts

The Etonkids Montessori curriculum (link to Academic) provides a sequence of experiences designed to mold responsible and motivated learners. Naturally embedded in all your child’s “work” are unique lessons in independence, concentration, and accepting challenges. It is through these special learning experiences that your child’s creativity and intellect blossom, which in turn lead to peace of mind and the self-confidence to excel in social environments.

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