General Information


No person shall be subjected to discrimination in regard to admission because of age, disability, gender, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion or sexual orientation in our admissions procedures, administered procedures, or hiring policies of staff and consultants.


All student records are confidential and maintained in the office. They are released only with written permission of the student. Students have access to their own files.


Situations may occasionally arise during which a student may require support services including academic advising, counseling, and health care. Please consult with the course director or an instructor for counseling; she will refer you to an agency should the need arise. For health care, please consult with the nurse at our teaching location or at your practicum site.

Professional resources, such as instructional aids, and books are available at the course site. You may also view the websites of Montessori organizations for information about Montessori research, Montessori initiatives, professional development opportunities, celebratory events, and international and regional teaching opportunities. International and local conferences and workshops take place throughout Asia and Europe. Information about these events can be obtained from websites. The Internet has become the most current source of information on the Montessori profession, including job opportunities.


Successful completion of this program meets the requirements for a career with young children. These settings include public and private infant and nursery programs, child/day care centers, home day care, kindergartens, and other child development age appropriate programs.

EMTTA cannot guarantee employment, salary, or advancement to any student or graduate.

College credit for EMTTA courses EMTTA

College credit is not available directly. However, St Catherine’s College, Chaminade University, and Xavier University will give credits [advanced standing] for EMTTA coursework for those accepted into their respective Masters Programs.

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