Our Faculty

Marlene Barron
Etonkids Education Group, EMTTA Program Director
A.B. [psychology] Barnard College, N.Y.
M.S. [early childhood & elementary education] Wagner College, N.Y.
Ph.D. [literacy development] New York University
American Montessori Society early childhood credential, ages 2½ - 6
New York State Teaching Certificate, ages 3-12
Past President of the American Montessori Society
Head of School Emeritus, Westside Montessori School, New York City
Past Commissioner on the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE)
Professor at New York University and chair of Montessori Teacher Education Program
Chair, AMS Taskforce on Southeast Asia
50 years experience as a Montessori teacher, principal, trainer, examiner, and university professor

Marlene Barron has been deeply involved in education for almost 50 years. She is a noted leader in Montessori education. Dr. Barron consults to schools and education organizations in Africa, Europe, North and South America, and Asia. In addition, she is a dynamic workshop presenter and a prolific writer. Recently she has spoken at conferences in North America, Europe, and Asia; she also presented workshops and seminars to parents and teachers throughout Asia. Her books for teachers and parents and her articles have been translated into Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic (in process).

Rosemary Gosse
Etonkids Education Group, EMTTA Practicum Coordinator, Lecturer, and Field Consultant
B.A. [Anthropology] McGill University, Canada
M.A., [Anthropology] University of New Brunswick, Canada
Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) credential, ages 3-6
Sheridan College Montessori Teacher Education Program [Canada], Lecturer and Field Visitor
25 years as a Montessori teacher, trainer, and examiner.

Before earning an early childhood credential [AMI] at the Foundation for Montessori Education in Toronto, Mrs. Gosse had a career in Telecommunications. She was a Montessori teacher for 17 years during which she was head of the school’s Early Childhood program for 6 years. In addition, she was an instructor in the Montessori Teacher Education Program in Sheridan College for 8 years where she taught the language curriculum and supervised student teachers.

Since moving to China and joining EMTTA in 2009 as the Practicum Coordinator and Trainer, she has conducted workshops for parents, principals, and teachers in Chengdu, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing, Dalian, and Beijing.

[Amy] Shieh Fu-Chueh
Etonkids Education Group, EMTTA Infant Toddler Coordinator and Field Consultant
M.Ed Mnt., [Master of Educational Management], University of Notre Dame, California
Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) credentials, ages 0-3, 3-6
Founding Principal, Harvard Preschool, Tainan, Taiwan
20 years experience Montessori teacher, principal, trainer, examiner, and university instructor.

After receiving both her master’s degree and Montessori training in the U.S., Amy Shieh founded Harvard Preschool in Tainan, Taiwan in 1994, where she worked both as a teacher and principal. She developed and presents preschool college courses for Taiwan Kunshan University and Taiwan Meihe University of Technology.

Jesmine Lok
Etonkids Education Group, EMTTA Lecturer, Field Consultant, Translator
Diploma [Technology] from College Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
B.A. [Human Development] at Lesley University, Massachusetts
M.Ed. [Early Childhood Education] at Lesley University, Massachusetts
American Montessori Society (AMS) credential, ages 2 ½ - 6.
10 years experience as a Montessori teacher, trainer, and examiner

During her ten years in the U.S., Ms. Lok earned the early childhood Montessori credential, a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Lesley University. She also has worked as a Montessori teacher for 10 years, including a year in China as a bilingual teacher. She presents at conferences in North America [Boston, Chicago] and Asia [Singapore]. Since joining EMTTA, she has been presenting professional development workshops to principals, academic leaders, and teachers throughout China [Chongqing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Beijing].

Wendy Di
Etonkids Education Group, EMTTA Workshop Presenter and Translator
Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering [Industry Automation], Beijing University of Technology
Master’s Degree in Engineering [Information Management], Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand
American Montessori Society (AMS), ages 2 ½ -6
Kindergarten Principal Certificate and Teachers Certificate, Beijing China
Over 10 years experience as a teacher, principal, trainer, and presenter.

Wendy Ms Di’s extensive work experiences include being a teacher and principal, training teachers, presenting parent workshops, and organizing several large educational events, including events for the Minister of Education. She currently is the Supervisor of Academic Departments at Etonkids Education Group. In this role, she presents seminars and professional development workshops throughout China to principals, academic leaders, and teachers.

Joyce Li Su Zhen
Etonkids Education Group, EMTTA Workshop Presenter and Field Consultant
B.A. [English] Eternal-life Christ College, Taiwan
Association Montessori International (AMI) credentials, ages 0-3, ages 3-6
Council Member, Taiwan Montessori Teachers Association
Over 20 years experience as a teacher, principal, trainer, and presenter.

Before going to the U.S. to earn her Montessori credentials, Ms Zhen obtained an early childhood education qualification from the Department of Child Educare, Ching Kuo Institute of Management & Health in Taiwan. She helped to establish the Baby Family Montessori Preschool in Taipei, Taiwan, beginning as a teacher and quickly became a lead teacher, administrator and mentor teacher. Currently, she is the owner and principal of four Montessori kindergartens and one Montessori elementary school in Taipei. She has lectured for Montessori Teacher Education Programs [Ancona [Shanghai], Taipei Montessori Association, and CMI [Singapore].

Wen-Chiao Lo
Etonkids Education Group, EMTTA Workshop Presenter and Field Consultant
B.S., Fu-Jen Catholic University in Taiwan
M.A. [early childhood and elementary education] New York University
American Montessori Society (AMS) credential, ages 2 ½ -6
Director of Studies, Montessori Foundation, Taiwan
Founding principal and teacher, New York Montessori School in Taipei City
Over 20 years experience as a teacher, principal, trainer, examiner for Taipei City and County, and university instructor

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Taiwan, Ms Lo travelled to the U.S. where she earned both a master's degree and the Montessori early childhood credential from New York University. Returning to Taipei, she became a lecturer for Department of Education of Taiwan and the Director of Studies of the Montessori Foundation; during that time she supervised instructors and lead teachers. In 2010, she founded the New York Montessori School in Taipei City.

Ms Lo has lectured and supervised student teachers at Fu-Jen Catholic University and Cardinal Tien College of Management and Health. Currently, she evaluates early childhood schools for both Taipei County and Taipei City while providing technical and education support to the schools. She continues to work as a counselor for the Department of Education of Taiwan and an assessor for the National Examination of Child Care Provider.

Sophia Tsai Shu Hui
Etonkids Education Group, EMTTA Workshop Presenter and Field Consultant
B.A. [Infant & Toddler Caring], Jia Nan Medical Technology University, Taiwan
M.S. [child education] Jia Yi University, Taiwan
Association Montessori Internationale credential (AMI), ages 3-6
Over 20 years experience as a teacher, presenter, and university instructor.

Sophia Tsai has worked in Montessori education for over 15 years. She is a lecturer in the department of child education at Tainan Technology University where she developed a course on Teacher’s Professional Ethics. She also works as a Montessori trainer for Malaysia Teacher Training, and regularly presents at conferences in Malaysia and Singapore.

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