Etonkids Huizhi Bilingual Kindergarten

Etonkids Huizhi Bilingual Kindergarten (EHBK), a sister school of Etonkids International Kindergarten and Etonkids Bilingual Kindergarten, utilizes 100 years of proven Montessori education practices to nurture your child’s natural love of learning and exploring.  Using the same methodology based on the Montessori learning philosophy and featuring the same learning materials as other Etonkids kindergartens, EHBK offers added emphasis on the linguistic and cultural needs of Chinese families.  Certified teachers, including native English speakers, along with premier educational facilities and a warm and loving environment, develop your child’s creativity, character and cultural awareness with the addition of traditional Chinese cultural values.  By embracing the dual foundations of both Chinese and international education, EHBK gives your child an educational advantage and optimal preparation for the future. Customized weekly and monthly reports allow you to follow your child’s continuing progress.

An EHBK class teaching team comprises the following:

1 Lead Teacher (Chinese with international Montessori certification)

1 (Chinese) English Teacher

1 Chinese Teacher

1 Assistant

In addition, depending on the number of active classrooms, there is a native full-time English-speaking teacher overseeing the English program.


Montessori studies, covering the areas of Practical Life, Sensorial Education, Mathematics, Language, and Culture

English classes by (Chinese) English teachers

Chinese language and culture studies by Chinese speaking teachers

Character Development Education

Etonkids Extra-curricular activities: Music, Physical Education, and Art

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