Theme Parties

Every Etonkids classroom prides itself on knowing each child individually and knowing how to respond to their individual needs. This is very evident in the way classes celebrate birthdays and holidays. An Etonkids birthday party is a social event where the children are at the center of the celebrations. This is also a learning opportunity, as the event is structured so that the children learn that not only are birthdays for celebrating, but they are representative of the child’s actual place in the universe. Children take part in activities that teach them Earth’s place in the solar system, and they learn that for every year of their lives, the Earth makes one round about the Sun. Etonkids birthdays are fun and educational, with solid foundations in Montessori ideals.

Every year, campuses recognize many major holidays. All national holidays are recognized and taught, plus many major Western holidays are celebrated. When a campus celebrates a holiday, the entire place lights up! There are decorations made by the children and thematic events. Events are conducted on a classroom and campus-wide level, and parents are encouraged to attend and participate.

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