Etonkids GTM Campus “Tour of the World” Summer Camp Underway: First stop Asia

Students then learned a great deal about the intricacies of opera performance and all the people that go into making a performance successful. Then, parts were assigned and students got their own turn to be opera stars: An enjoyable and education experience for all.

Masks are a key feature of Peking Opera and students learned how different masks are made specifically for different roles and each role is represented by a special color. Students got to see the masks up close and enjoyed learning about their special significance.

In practicing their opera technique by mimicking stars projected behind them, students learned how to sing and gesture in the traditional way. It was great fun witnessing our young campers become opera stars in front of our eyes.

Students and teachers posed for photographs to wrap up the day. The photos prominently featured the operatic beards and all went away with a fantastic memory.

We loved the Asia theme week at camp and can’t wait for next week’s “trip to Europe!”


We still have spots left at camp. Register today to join us on the next stop in our “Tour of the World”

Camp runs until August 17, Mondays through Fridays 8:30am to 4:00pm.

Each week we explore a different continent.

Location: Etonkids Global Trade Mansion in the CBD

Call us to register: 010-6506 4805 / 6586 6534