On a beautiful day in May – as families were preparing for the excitement of International Children’s Day – Etonkids and corporate partners welcomed families at the Four Seasons Clubhouse for the Etonkids International Fair: a great occasion full of fun, friends, and with a chance for all to experience the cultural learning that had taken place at school during the past term. The main attraction was the wonderful works produced by students displayed by each campus. All were impressed by the artistry and effort put into al l the projects. New friends were then made as all joined together in a variety of group games for children and families.

The Etonkids Art Troupe prepared several special Asia-themed performances that included poetry, ethnic dance, and martial arts, in addition to fantastic performances prepared by 12 Etonkids Beijing campuses. Campuses built a clay model of the Great Wall, handmade kites, and other Asia-themed works of art that left all very impressed.

Some especially Chinese aspects of the event included tea ceremonies and dumpling rolling, which challenged hand-eye coordination and steadiness while experiencing aspects of traditional culture.

Many thanks go out to the students, teachers and parents who made this a memorable and educational event for all.