The Etonkids Educational Group has made 2010 at year of growth, with 7 new campus openings in the cities of Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu, Jinan. This expansion means more opportunities for children throughout China to benefit from an Etonkids early education.

The Etonkids family of schools consists of Etonkids International Kindergarten, Etonkids Bilingual Kindergarten, and Etonkids Huizhi Bilingual Kindergarten.

All Etonkids early education programs utilize the time-tested Montessori method to give children an optimal start to their educational careers. Etonkids’ proprietary English language curriculums, designed to give students fully functional language skills upon graduation, continue to grow in popularity. Kids love the fun learning experiences and parents love seeing their children’s’ fantastic progress.

The Huizhi sector was founded to appeal to a larger audience of Chinese families seeking to give their children a high standard of bilingual education. Huizhi continues expanding with the opening of new campuses in Beijing and beyond, building well rounded learners and confident young people through academic experiences that naturally incorporate lessons in care for oneself, others, and the environment

Etonkids utilizes Western teaching methods infused with the richness of Chinese culture, reflected also in its multi-national, highly qualified and caring teaching staff. By naturally integrating lessons in respect, confidence, independence, and overcoming obstacles, along with duel foundations in Western and Chinese education, Etonkids is preparing students to become effective communicators in an integrated world.

Etonkids embraces children’s natural curiosity and desire to discover our world, and channels it to allow children to develop their fullest potential. In all of our early education core and periphery programs we incorporate the Etonkids Three C's -- those attributes featured on our school crest of Creativity Character & Culture.

Etonkids’ is currently seeking more locations in China where families are eager to give their children the advantage of an Etonkids early education.

From its inception in 2002, Etonkids has been raising the standards of early education in China through providing world class learning environments. With twelve campuses in five cities, Etonkids has proven a top choice for both expatriate families and Chinese returnees from overseas, and now with the success of the Huizhi sector, a top choice among local Chinese families as well.

We are always eager to welcome young learners from around the world. “A love of learning starts at Etonkids.”