January 12th:  Etonkids Educational Group childhood experts Colin Blance and Wendy Di held an informative talk at Etonkids' Gezhou Campus in Yichang City on topics of Montessori and effective early learning. The event drew a crowd of parents from throughout the city. 

Discussion focused on the advantages of the Montessori method used at Etonkids over more traditional modes of childhood education where "the teacher teaches and the student listens." The speakers emphasized the freedom students enjoy in the Montessori classroom to pursue their interests and how students are encouraged to choose their own learning materials for a variety of hands-on learning experiences. These features of the Etonkids Montessori classroom allow students to experience the joy of leaning in a relaxed and comfortable environment. 

Each of the event's speakers have over ten years' experience in the field. The first, Colin Blance, is Etonkids' Director of English Research. Colin hails from the UK and taught children in France for 11 years before coming to China and joining the Etonkids research and development team. He has rich experience and a deep understanding of Montessori philosophy and application. 

The other speaker was Etonkids' AMS Montessori-certified Educational Director Wendy Di. Wendy has a rich background in teaching and educational administration that spans several countries. She regularly conducts training for teachers and parents and has hosted many events  for departments of education. 

The parents in attendance at the event enjoyed interacting with the speakers and came away with many new insights into how to improve their children's learning experience.