January 20th: This evening, the Etonkids Educational Group held its annual New Years Celebration, which also coincides with the group’s 10th anniversary. The event was attended by the group’s CEO, Ms. Vivien Wang, along with the head office staff and campus principals from around the country.

The evening kicked off with a recital by Etonkids managers of “Etonkids 10 Years: Hand-in-Hand,” followed by fantastic performances from each company department. A multi-faceted performance entitled “Excellence in Kindergarten Education” by the Educational Services Center especially stood out and received a standing ovation. A duet by Etonkids CEO, Ms. Wang, and Ray Lee of the Engineering Department brought the program to another crescendo. Each department put a great deal of effort into preparing their performances, and they were all entertaining, while also containing an educational theme and a nod to Etonkids’ 10th anniversary.

A video greeting featuring Etonkids staff from around China brought a sense of warmth to all on a cold winter’s day, and reminded everyone in attendance of the caring and dedicated Etonkids staff around the country who comprise of the Etonkids family.

Ms. Wang gave an inspiring speech and led all in a toast to the first 10 years of Etonkids and the wonderful years yet to come. It was a fun and memorable event for the entire Etonkids family and that also marked a significant milestone in Etonkids’ mission to provide quality early education in China.