October 20th: On a sunny afternoon, over 70 Etonkids students showcased their skills in three categories: dance, singing, and hosting, for a chance to be part of the Etonkids International Art Troupe.

The first step: Signing In

Then, the preparation begins

Although young, these children have practiced and came ready to perform, all of them proving very talented. The afternoon saw many styles of dance: from ethnic to street to self-choreographed. Song choices also saw a huge range of styles, and hosting auditions saw recitations of beautiful poetry. The competition was fierce with so many talented young performers, many of whom had been preparing for weeks and wore specially crafted outfits. Many performances earned a hearty round of applause from the judges.

Tiny dancer

An up-and-coming songster

Expressive hosting skills

Many parents remarked that this was the first audition their child had participated in. Naturally, there were a few nerves and jitters about, but with encouragement from moms and dads, as well as the judges, children found their courage and gave fantastic performances. Parents were excited at the prospect of their child being part of the troupe, but most importantly, the audition gave children an opportunity to increase self-confidence and practice the important skill of presenting oneself in front of an audience.

Scoping out some of the competition

Though a competition, families had a lot of fun sharing their skills and encouraging each other to do well.

The final results will be published within two weeks. The children chosen for the troupe will receive professional training sessions and the chance to appear on CCTV and in other cross-cultural events.