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  • English Address :Jinchan Huanleyuan 1— jia 2 Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
  • 北京市北京市朝阳区金蝉欢乐园1号院甲2号
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Principal speech

Where the adult sees a world as full of order and rules, the child’s experiences only innocence, fascination, and a cast of characters around them. When the teacher tells the child that “Spring has arrived,” the child might ask, “Who is spring? And did spring arrive by car or on foot?” The child also sees animals as having similar human characteristics. To the child, all things are alive.

Experience has shown us: when raised in a safe environment, the child develops a deep sense of trust; when raised with constant encouragement, the child develops self-confidence; when raised in an environment of appreciation, the child develops respect; when raised in an environment of fairness, the child develops a sense of justice…the life the child experiences helps shape who the child becomes.

In our Montessori school environment, we strive to create a community where each child experiences all of these and where teachers employ methods to best help children develop as students and as people. We see character development, and harmonious development between mind and body as important components in this, while respecting the difference and unique personality of each child. Ensuring children develop happily is the goal of our teachers each day, as our school motto says, “Etonkids…our kids.”
  • Nursery program (1.5-3 Years)
    This period is a very important and unique time in your child’s life. Feel comfortable knowing your child is lovingly cared for in an atmosphere of understanding, respect, and support. A beautiful and thoughtfully prepared environment and specially designed lessons and activities cater to your child’s natural love for learning, promoting intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth.
  • Casa program (3-6 Years)
    Learning by doing is the foundation of the Montessori approach. Our International Casa classrooms are designed and fully equipped to encourage choice, problem-solving skills, and social encounters. Focus is on the elements essential to true intellectual development, including language arts, mathematics, everyday living skills, sensory awareness exercises, and culture (geography, science, social studies, the arts, music, movement).
  • Character Development
    Etonkids’ Character Development program is built around foundations of grace and courtesy, explores a new virtue each month of the school year and is divided for use by two different age groups: Nursery (0 – 3) and Casa (3 – 6). Through original Etonkids Virtues storybooks, songs, grace and courtesy roleplaying cards, and activities, the program attempts to instill these important moral values in students, culminating in monthly event celebrations, that also incorporate holidays, and invite both children and parent participation. Some virtues covered by the program include compassion, honesty, respect, responsibility, courage, and tolerance, among others.
  • Chinese Culture Studies
    Etonkids’ specially designed Chinese language curriculum addresses all essential areas of childhood communication: conversation, song, rhyme and rhythm, description, storytelling, reading and plot summarizations. The curriculum naturally integrates lessons in character development, traditional culture and customs, and themes from Chinese classical literature.
  • English
    The Etonkids English Everyday (EEE) academic program combines a variety of different learning styles and approaches in order to give your child superior English foundations. Based around the Etonkids Everyday English Student Books and Workbooks, the EEE Academic program involves small and large group lessons that utilize songs, Total Physical Response (TPR) and Dramatic Play activities, puppet roleplaying dialogues, English storybooks, Montessori activities and more, all specifically tailored for your child’s classroom by the Etonkids Academic Research and Development team.
  • Montessori studies
    Covering the areas of Practical Life, Sensorial Education, Mathematics, Language, and Culture
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