Parent Handbook

Dear Parents and Children:

Welcome to Etonkids International Education Group!

We firmly believe that the educational and management system we provide can meet the needs of the various stages of your child’s growth and development


School Goals:

Building China’s leading family of kindergartens through…

  • Outstanding early childhood programs that empower children with solid bases of knowledge, and the skills to achieve future success in a global environment.
  • Supporting and caring school atmospheres that facilitate effective learning and stress creativity, leadership, and personal integrity.

We aim to be China’s leading institution of early childhood education through providing outstanding learning environments and methodology which reflect our unique heritage; to be a family-focused school in which parents are active partners in their children’s education; a school that embodies a century of proven Montessori philosophy and practice; and a school that constantly enhances the lives of students and their families through dynamic classroom curriculums and enriching family-focused programs. The Etonkids essence in found within these commitments and in our core values found on our school seal: creativity, character, and culture.

We strive to be a community of understanding and support, one of openness, where friends gain better understanding of themselves and others, and where all are encouraged to explore and ask questions. In helping students realize their physical, social and intellectual competencies, we hope to build a community of learners who truly care about one another and for the environment we all share.

As our students learn to read, write, and count, they also learn how to persevere, accept guidance, and make choices – attributes that adults require each day. We want our students’ Etonkids’ experience to stay with them as a guide through the challenges ahead, that they may feel confident in having acquired a love for learning, a passion for solving problems, and have experienced the joy that comes with successfully overcoming obstacles. Furthermore, we want our students to grow into responsive and responsible citizens with the ability to view experiences from different perspectives, and continually seek betterment for all.

We are committed to maintaining our position as an AMS member school and China’s top choice for early education. We are also committed to being a school that promotes early education as vital component in our society, and the Montessori learning philosophy, through community programs and our teacher-training program: EMTTA.

Our mission:

As China’s leading provider of early education services, Etonkids employs time and scientifically-tested educational methods from the West leavened with the richness of Chinese culture, and through expertise in school management and administration, offers programs that help children excel in areas of knowledge, self-confidence, sense of responsibility, taking of initiative and problem solving. At Etonkids, emphasis is placed on academics, as well as character development, sport and the arts, to create well-rounded leaners.

Over the years, we have realized our mission in cities throughout China, where children enjoy learning in atmospheres of respect and freedom to learn through exploration and self-discovery. We have developed communities of like-minded families and educators committed to improving early education and contributing to the society. We appreciate you being partners with us in accomplishing this aim.


School history:

The Etonkids Educational Group (“Etonkids”) is a collaborative of experts in the fields of education, research and school management established by alumni of Harvard and Northwestern universities, with representatives of international Montessori organizations. Since its founding, Etonkids has utilized educational philosophies and models of successful school management from around the world in improving China’s early education sector and establishing the country’s premier institution of bilingual early education.


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