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Montessori Education:

Montessori: is both a philosophy on education and a method of learning. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was an educational innovator and Italy’s first female doctor. She developed her approach to childhood development based on specially designed learning materials and giving children a certain amount of freedom to explore.

Freedom with Limits: is an essential Montessori concept where each activity in the classroom contains a set and self-correcting process appropriate to varying age groups, and that respects the uniqueness of each child.

Whole Child Development: Montessori seeks to cultivate the whole child through activities that emphasize social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Learning in the Montessori classroom is an enjoyable process that gives children a continual sense of accomplishment as they build self-confidence, sense of responsibility and the courage to take initiative.

The Prepared Environment: encourages self-learning and discovery and includes the classroom setup, the learning materials, and the general school atmosphere. The teacher’s role is to introduce the materials, prepare and maintain the environment in order to facilitate learning. Through this the teacher earns the trust of the child, and in turn, the child gains the confidence to try new work.

The Teaching Materials: Through her study and observation, Dr. Montessori developed teaching materials that contain sequence, are self-correcting, and engage all the senses. As children become absorbed in their “work” they develop mental dexterity and physical coordination through discovering ways to use their creativity in finding solutions.

The Teacher: is often referred to as a “guide” or “facilitator” whose role is setting the environment in which learning takes place. The teacher introduces, demonstrates and replenishes the materials, while also observing and recording students’ progress. She is the monitor of the child’s growth, constantly modeling proper behavior and acting as the essential link between the learning that takes place at school and how that learning continues at home.

Classes & Activities

Etonkids provides kindergarten programs for children ages 0-6 that cover the full range of early learning,based on traditional Montessori philosophy, and including a complete Chinese language curriculum (with virtues program) and English language curriculum. All Etonkids programs follow the guidelines set forth in the government’s “Kindergarten Education Outline” and emphasize children’s healthy development and the key areas for young leaners: social skills, language, knowledge acquisition andapplication, and the arts. Etonkids’ caring and professionally qualified teachers help children build foundations through careful monitoring and thecontinual providing of age and level-appropriate lessons. The warm and inviting Etonkids educational environment provides children with the tools for successful growth now and prepares children to accept and overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Etonkids offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities open to all children regardless of whether they are currently enrolled at an Etonkids campus. Extra-curriculars at Etonkids are designed based on what children tell us they love the most, with each term offering the chance to try a new activity and/or continue in an old favorite. All Etonkids extra-curriculars are hosted by experts in their fields, and help children develop diverse skills and explore new interests. 

Summer Camps

Each summer, Etonkids hosts themed summer camps full of fun and educational content, such as the “tour of the world summer camp” where children explore the geography, people, and flavors of a different continent each week.

Field Trips & Outings

Etonkids students enjoy a variety of field trips during the school year designed to broaden their horizons through new experiences and exposure to interesting places and people. Seasonal family outings and school activities give children the chance to share learning with their parents while making wonderful memories. All Etonkids field trips and family activities are designed to be enjoyable and fun experiences thatinclude a strong educational component. 

Community Activities

Etonkids also hosts several events each year open to the whole community. We invite all families to join us for these fun and educational events held at or nearby Etonkids campuses. 

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