Sign Up and Admission:

Etonkids gives admissions priority to current students, siblings of current students, and new enrollees. Placements are then offered based on availability or according to waiting lists where applicable.

The following are due at time of application:

                                       v    Application form fully filled in, signed and dated

                                       v    Student medical form and copy of insurance

                                       v    Application fee paid。

                                       v    Copy of student’s passport or hukou

Application for Admission :

For new students, a completed application for admission is required at time of registration. For continuing students, an application for admission must also be completed at time of re-enrollment. Continuing enrollments are only accepted where courses for the current school year are completed and all payments up to date. The parent/guardian must read and agree to all terms and policies contained in the application for admission and parent handbook, and indicate so by initialing each page.


Your child’s tuition includes books, school uniform, learning materials and snacks for the entire school year. The school uniform is distributed at time of receipt of all required application materials. Tuition for students who enroll mid-term is calculated pro-rata according to number of school days attended within the term. Please enquire with your campus admissions officer regarding tuition and payment schedules.

Classroom Placements:

Classroom placements are based on a variety of factors that include teacher recommendations, student interviews, the age and gender of the student, as well as cultural background in order to create diverse learning environments that offer the most benefit to each student. Parents may also submit a written request to the admissions officer for a particular classroom placement. Except under rare circumstances, once a student is assigned to a classroom, no transfers may take place.


At time of enrollment, children should be at least 18 months old and able to walk independently. For enrollment in a Casa community classroom, a child must be at least 3 years old and be able to use the toilet independently. A child at least 5 years old at time of enrollment may apply to the transition class. For children born between 2 September and 31 December, and where requested by the parent, a student evaluation may be undertaken to determine special arrangements.

Transfer Policy:

A child may transfer between any Etonkids campus, however please note that tuition and fees may vary and special discounts are non-transferable.
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