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Welcome to Etonkids' Admissions! In this section, you will find information related to enrolling children, signing up for visits, and a section of dedicated to your most frequently asked questions!

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Q & A

There are only two types of classerooms, Nursery (ages 1-3) and Casa (ages 3-6)—won’t it be harmful for my child to learn in a mixed age group environment?
The answer is, not at all! Children can reap extraordinary benefits from learning with children of different ages. Older children can learn a sense of responsibility and pride in helping younger classmates, while younger classmates can learn a lot from mimicking learned skills from older friends. Teachers are trained to manage classrooms in such a way that everyone receives the care and attentio...

What about lunch and snack?
Each campus coordinates with a nutritionist in order to prepare food that is nutritious and suitable for young children (and tasty as well!). Children also have snacks at different times before and after lunch. Times and dishes may vary across geographic locations.

At what time should children be picked up and dropped off from school?

This depends on each school’s schedule, and will be different in different campuses and cities.

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