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Grateful to Be Part of Etonkids

[ 2017.12.06 ]

It has been a while since I became a preschool teacher at Etonkids and I have been growing up with the kids all the time. I become more mature than I was when I just graduated. Now I could handle life and work all by myself. I feel cordially grateful for the changes that my profession has brought me through.

Every day when I welcome the kids at the school gate, I get ignited by their smiles, empowered by their hugs and touched by their greetings. Kids’ smile is a pure and sincere disclosure of their joy. I hope I could not only teach them knowledge, but also have them wear a heart-warming smile all the time. Kids’ hug is the most powerful. It embraces everything the world offers. I hope I could teach them how to be discerning and embrace the diverse world. Kids are the most precious treasure in this world. You never know what miracles they will create in the next second. As a preschool teacher, I am blessed with the chance to discover their brilliance in daily interactions with them. At the same time, I communicate with their parents to know more about them. I just feel I might probably one of their friends.

Although I walk into the same classroom and face the same group of kids every day, I get different inspirations. I am grateful for what I have and who I am now. I will try my best to fulfill my responsibilities and take good care of all the kids every day.

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