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Blessed to Be A Teacher

[ 2017.12.06 ]

I am touched by the song I Grow Up and Become Just like You every time I hear its melody. It reminds me the day when I was a child. At that time, my teachers sowed a seed of becoming a teacher in my heart. Fertilized by the care and love from them, the seed rooted and sprouted. When I grew up, I followed their steps and walked into the world of kids.

What is the ultimate blessing for one? I believe it is to find a job that involves your passions and interests, and then make it your lifelong career. At the same time, you stay true to yourself all the way. As a teacher, my goal is to gain happiness as I care for all the kids and show them my love and affection. When I spend time with the kids, I always think of “if I were the kid” “if he or she were my own child.” This helps me treat the kids with fewer complaints and more tolerance, less strictness and more understandings, less criticism and more respect. I believe my love and care can bring out the best of the kids.

My early days at Etonkids was not quite a happy experience. I remember that was after the Children’s Day, when Ms. Liu was on a sick leave, Ms. Fang and I had to take care of the whole class. As a newcomer, I felt at loss about what to do. But I did not want to flinch from the hard task. I encouraged myself “I was capable of taking care of 37 kids before, so everything would be okay”. I worked together with Ms. Fang, knowing the kids one by one and they gradually got used to my way of teaching. But as the days went by, I found things was not that easy as I thought. Unlike primary school kids, kids at the kindergarten have poor concentration, less patience and lack self-discipline. To make things worse, kids of this age are extremely restless.

Tian Zuoyin is a typical kid of his age. He is over-active and often “pranks” us. For example, when the class are playing games together, he usually slips away once we do not have eyes on him. Then we have to chase him here and there. In educational activities, he would hide under the table, playing “hide and seek” with us. His restlessness has earned him attention and popularity across the kindergarten. Nearly all the teachers and parents know him.

During that time, I had to spend a lot of time and energy on him. A full day’s work exhausted me. I felt I had to figure out a way to make him well-behaved. But how? I started with finding his strengths and encouraged him to make them shine. After observing him for some time, I found out he was very clever and had a quick response to things. Sometimes when the teacher returned to the classroom, he or she would knock the door and waited for the kids to open it. Most of the kids in the class did not understand what the knocks meant, but Tian Zuoyin did; he would rush to the door and open it. and then I would kiss him and gave him a thumb-up. He got the hint that as long as he did something right, the teacher would like him.

I also found out that he enjoyed making friends. One day, he was reluctant to have his breakfast because he wanted to wait for his friend to eat with him. On another occasion, he warmly greeted a kid who was on a sick leave for a few days, holding that kid’s hand and asked about his illness. I could tell he really missed his friend and cared about him. My “discoveries” gave me a deeper understanding of him and my encouragements gave him more confidence. He gradually learnt to behave himself in class and this spurred positive actions. Things began to turn for the better.

Day by day, I no longer feel exhausted but replenished at the end of the day. I have come to enjoy my work, just like what other teachers would do, busy but happy. Moreover, the teachers always help each other despite one’s own gains and losses. We are like a big loving family and I feel grateful to be a part.

The flowers are fragrant and the fruits are sweet, but I prefer to be a leaf. A leaf is not eye-catching, but it is the reason behind blossom and harvest. Devotion is the key to self-actualization. Since I have made up my mind to become a preschool teacher, I would love my role, be committed to my work, adding a happy chapter in my life.

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