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My Dream Comes True at Etonkids

[ 2017.12.06 ]

I wish to create a class where everyone in the classroom, kids or teachers, beginners or advanced learners, could be free to explore the world in a safe environment. This will enable everyone to make courageous and joyful exploration with no fear for making mistakes. The teacher’s role along the process is to guide, to co-operate with and to observe the kids. Teachers can try every means to develop kids’ mental maturity, social skills and the ability to solve problems. In my dream class, what matters most is not what the teacher does to help the kids but what the kids do to help themselves. The kids love to do things for and by themselves. They devote full efforts to every task and always try to find solutions and inherent laws. This enables them to become independent and self-disciplined. Here at Etonkids, my dream comes true.

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