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Parent-School Association (PSA)

The Parent-School Association aims to provide our children with a caring and loving environment both in school and at home. The principal of each campus holds a PSA meeting regularly to discuss issues relating to student needs. Also, a parents meeting is held at the beginning of each school term to provide parents with relevant information. All meetings are open to any interested parties.

Parent-Teacher Communication

Regular communication between parents and teachers is essential in a child's academic journey. Regular communication with your child's teachers allows you to follow your child's progress throughout the term. There are many ways to communicate with your child’s teachers.

Since many parents have busy work schedules and may not have time to meet with teachers in person, Parents can communicate with the teacher every Wednesday at 3pm.

We strongly encourage parents to visit their Etonkids campus and take part in classroom observations to better understand how their children work in the Montessori classroom. Watching the learning process with your own eyes, will help you understand the Montessori approach and provide you with a clearer picture of how your child is developing. Your child will be proud to show you their work as well.

The observation sessions are organized every school term. You will be informed in advance of the observation dates and times. Please confirm your attendance by registering on the kindergarten calendar. If you have other commitments on the event date, please contact the Montessori teacher to re-schedule.

Etonkids kindergartens hold at least one parent-teacher meeting per school term. During these meetings, parents will be introduced to the activities and specialized classes that are offered at the kindergarten for the term. Parents are also encouraged to attend other specially organized seminars sponsored by Etonkids. These events aim to strengthen parents' understanding of their child's growth and development by informing them on the latest educational trends and theories. We invite you to learn along with us so that we can work together to create a quality learning environment for our children.

At the end of each school term, parents will receive a report that summarizes their child's progress and development over the past semester.

Home-School Communication

It is our priority to ensure smooth communication between school and parents. Parents are always welcome to share any comments, suggestions or concerns directly with class teachers. Alternatively, they may contact the campus office through the channels listed below. We warmly welcome your feedback!

There is a parents' mailbox installed at the main entrance of every Etonkids' kindergarten where parents are welcome to submit their written suggestions and ideas. We thank you in advance for your comments!

If you prefer a face-to-face encounter, please do not hesitate to approach any of our staff members in the administration office.

You may also convey your views and suggestions to the parent representatives in your child's class, who will relay your concerns to the appropriate staff.

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