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Dear Parents,

Welcome to Etonkids International Kindergartens!

Etonkids is the leading educational group in China that embraces international standards of early childhood education. We adopt the philosophy and principles of the Montessori method of education, a century-old Western approach which has proved its effectiveness and significance in the international early education scene. Involving aspects of Piaget and Reggio as well, we incorporate traditional Chinese culture with the core Montessori curriculum to provide preschoolers with a well-rounded education. Under our supervision and guidance, young learners will be intellectually stimulated to develop into the emotionally-conscious and creative leaders of tomorrow.

We are confident that our educational and kindergarten management systems are adept in meeting the needs of children throughout their different stages of development and growth. Parents' concerns in early childhood education and services will also be addressed and fulfilled.

Over the years, Etonkids has expanded its brand across China. We are extremely proud to have witnessed the establishment of Etonkids campuses in many of China's major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Wuxi, Changsha, Jinan, and Xi'an. Furthermore, Etonkids alumni can be found all around the world!

Visit our website to find an Etonkids campus near you! We can't wait to give you a tour! We look forward to meeting you and your young ones at one of our beautiful Etonkids campuses. Our amiable principals are waiting to share details of the Etonkids experience with you.

Let's join our hands together and strive for a better future for our young ones!

—— Etonkids, Our Kids!

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