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A completed application form is required for student admissions for a new semester. Registration for a new semester will only be completed where previously owed tuition/fees are paid in full. Please see your campus admissions office for the most updated application form.  

Parents/legal guardians are to read all items contained in the application form as well as the Parent Handbook and sign each page to indicate they have understood its contents and agree to all policies and terms outlined.

Classroom vacancies are allocated according to the following order of priority: current students, siblings of current students, new applicants. Where classroom space is available, admissions will be processed according to this order. Where no space is available, a student may be placed on the admissions waiting list.

Policies and Procedures

Trust and Respect

To create a happy and dynamic school environment, it is vital to build mutual respect among staff, parents, teachers, and students. As a community-based school, concerted efforts are needed to achieve the goals of everyone as well as each team.

Such values as mutual respect and courtesy are also reflected in our curriculum, especially those highlighting teamwork, where children are encouraged to develop and demonstrate social skills, respect and treat others kindly, and enhance their learning efficiency in the Montessori environment.

Class Assignment

We believe it beneficial for all children to take all these factors into consideration, and we strive to promote children’s all-round development through our class assignments. If parents have any special requests regarding classroom placement, you may submit a written request to the campus principal. In the absence of exceptional circumstances, classroom assignments will not be changed.

Classroom Observations and Campus Visits

Parents are welcome to observe their children during school hours to gain a deeper understanding of the Montessori methodology and witness your child’s your progress. Parent engagement plays a positive role in children's development and allows children to feel proud of their accomplishments.

Regular classroom observations are scheduled throughout the year. You will be informed of the observation schedule in advance and will be asked to register a date and time for your visit. You may make an appointment with your child’s lead teacher for additional observation or classroom visits if you miss a scheduled time. The observation period usually lasts for 30 minutes to minimize classroom disruption.

Student Reports

Students reports include registration status, the child’s progress report, incident report, and health exam results. Student reports are strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third party without the consent of parents except for the express purpose of improving the course content.

If parents would like to access, copy, or make public their child’s reports, they may submit a written application to the Campus Academic Leader and Campus Principal. Once approved for release, parents may obtain all reports regarding their child during regular school hours.  

Age Requirements

For admission to a nursery classroom: the child must be no younger than 18 months old and be capable of walking independently. For admission to casa classroom: the child must be no younger than 3 years old and be capable of using the toilet independently. A child five years or older on the date of enrollment may apply for placement in a bridging class.

For children born between September 2nd and December 31st, parents may submit a special request regarding classroom arrangement. The final placement decision will be based on a thorough assessment of the child.

Policies for Campus Transfer

Your child may transfer to another Etonkids campus. Please note that tuitions and fees may vary and tuition discounts or other preferential policies enjoyed at the initial campus will be forfeited.

According to relevant government policies, if your child holds a passport of a foreign country, he or she may transfer to an Etonkids International Kindergarten Campus where space allows. Tuition and fees will be accessed according to the regular Etonkids International Kindergarten schedule.


Application for Leaving

If you want to apply for your child to leave an Etonkids campus, please submit the "Application Form for Leaving."

If you have any questions, please call us at 400 - 818 – 9098.

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