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Etonkids provides a first-rate learning environment, which combines a pure Montessori curriculum with tailored Chinese and English courses. This bilingual approach to education will enable our children to master two languages without losing fluency in their mother tongue. Etonkids also helps our children acquire necessary competencies. 

Our curriculum for 1.5 - 3 year olds focuses on cultivating their basic skills in language acquisition and reading as well as nurturing their interests in intelligence, mathematics, music, art, science and nature. For 3 - 6 year-old children, our teachers provide individualized guidance and instruction. Children can choose and take courses based on their interests and acquire knowledge and competencies that will benefit them for their entire life.

Montessori Studies

Covering the areas of Practical Life, Sensorial Education, Mathematics, Language, and Culture.

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Practical Life

Practical life activities help children learn how to care for themselves, become more independent, and develop good habits. At the same time, good habits such as concentration, orderliness and courtesy are developed.


Sensorial materials are used to help children develop their intellectual senses, namely visual perception, tactile impressions, auditory sense, and olfactory and taste perception. In addition, they help expand children's vocabulary and lay the foundation for future mathematics learning.


Mathematical concepts are introduced to the children using well-designed Montessori materials and flexible use in daily life, which prepares them for a more formal mathematics education and makes them more interested in the subject.


According to scientific research, language sensitivity and development progresses the most before the age of six. Therefore, bilingual education is highlighted in our curriculum so that the children can master Chinese and improve their English as well.


Montessori aids in zoology, botany, history, geography, astronomy, and geology are employed in our classrooms to introduce different animals and plants to children. They will learn how to care for these creatures and the natural environment around them. Meanwhile, our courses give children insight into the planet they live on and the mysterious universe. Through cultural activities, children become well-read and well-informed, and a world citizen with a multicultural consciousness. 

English Curricula

English curricula utilize a wide variety of pedagogical methodologies.

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Etonkids eChat Program

Etonkids eChat Program is a comprehensive, small group 3-level program focused on oral language development, vocabulary, and listening comprehension. Our international or Chinese English teachers will work closely with your children to identify their language level and target key thematic vocabulary based on their needs. Our curriculum themes evolve over the year and interconnect with the world around us, featuring relevant topics such as holidays, seasons, and the natural world. The three levels of the program allow your English teacher to slowly advance lexical and grammatical concepts as your children progress through their lives at Etonkids.

Etonkids Music Program

The Etonkids Music Program encourages students to produce language while exploring different musical instruments, musical genres, and children's songs. At Etonkids, we recognize the importance of rhythms, rhymes, and melodies for the development of all children. Not only are these skill areas vital for the development of musical ability, they also enhance and promote the language learning environment of our kindergartens.

Moreover our use of varied and exciting instruments, sound games, and audio challenges ensures the use and development of key fine motor skills as well as logical and analytical skills.

Etonkids Read-Aloud Program

This program is a thematic program based on children's books, which opens doors of discussion around stories and texts. Different books are selected by your campus to cover different periods and thematic concepts. Your children's English teacher will explore the book in-depth to promote a spirit of investigation, analytical thought, and creative imagination.

Books are not only entertainment; they are windows to a world of opportunity. Our detailed Etonkids Read-Aloud Program is designed to engage children and help them to question and understand as they develop their language skills and their deep and natural love of literature.

Etonkids Character Development Program

Our Etonkids Character Development Program is centered around an important virtue each month. This program focuses on the development of grace and courtesy skills using the English language. Our children learn in a linguistically immersive environment in which they develop key life skills and personal characteristics, while using their English language skills.

Etonkids Bridging Program

This program prepares children for the transition into primary school, introducing them to spelling, reading, and writing as well as additional language development activities. Whether you choose to send your children to Beijing Collegiate Academy or a school from outside the Etonkids Educational Group family, we will ensure that they are ready for their school environment. We are proud of our ability to meet the skill requirements of your child's future school life within an English immersive environment. Together we can ensure that your children have a great start in life!

Etonkids English Immersion Afternoon Program

If you choose to enroll your children in one of our Bilingual, International, or Elite International classes, then they will enter a world of English language immersion with enhanced and exciting opportunities. Our Etonkids English Immersion Afternoon Program provides an immersive environment to foster second language acquisition through different subjects. Our teachers match their afternoon immersion classes with the needs and interests of your children as well as their own special skill areas. Etonkids offers a broad and exciting range of afternoon possibilities.

If you would like to know more about the English Immersion Afternoon Program at your campus, or if you would like more information about upgrading to a Bilingual, International, or Elite International class, then please contact your campus principal. The range of English Immersion Afternoon Programs is extensive to guarantee that your teachers can match the individual needs and interests of your children, as well as to enable our teachers to showcase their personal talents, interests, and skills. If you would like more information about the special afternoon immersive activities taking place at your campus, then please contact your campus principal. Examples of English Immersion Afternoon Programs include: Botany, Football, Natural Science, Art, Yoga, Basketball, Zoology, Child-Selected Read-Aloud, Show and Tell, Dance, Cooking, and many more...

Enriched Chinese Curricula

Etonkids' Chinese curriculum is based on laws (stages) of physical and mental development of children, combining Etonkids' early childhood education with multi-cultural characteristics.

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Etonkids Exploration Course

This course is tailored to kids' cognitive features and their daily life. Subjects are highly relevant, interesting, and of educational value to kids; they include health, language, society, science and art. Through kids' observations, explorations, experiences, activities in the world around them, they will be ready for their life and studies in the future.

Etonkids Bridge Course

This course is tailored to kids' physiological and psychological development. The year before primary school is divided into three periods. In each period, proper language and math courses will be provided, so that they will experience a smooth transition and meet few difficulties in their primary school life.

Etonkids Chinese Culture

A highlight in our curriculum is to expose kids to diverse cultures, and in particular Chinese culture. In this course, kids will have unique experiences in Chinese culture by learning Chinese characters, the evolution and structure of Chinese characters and appreciating Chinese calligraphy. Kids are expected to learn 1,500 Chinese characters and understand their meaning. This will enable kids to read simple texts and become capable readers in the future.

Etonkids Character Education

Children are the hope for the future. On our campuses, we adopt proper education methods to enable children to understand and care about society, behave properly, and build character.

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Our objective is to pass on important Chinese virtues and traditions and cultivate children's sense of social responsibility. Based on cultures and traditions of the East and the West, Etonkids invited Chinese and international experts to design our curriculum, aligning it with the reality and needs of China's character education. It includes common values in both Chinese and Western cultures. Given that most children are the only child of their family, some programs are designed to cultivate qualities such as care and love for others, cooperation, honesty, respect, courage, and confidence. Children will inherit good virtues embedded in China's long history and learn to act on core ethical values, developing positively in an all-round way.

Character Development Course

Courses will include music, art and sports.

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Kids are born with a love of music. Music is proven to be an effective tool to improve kids' cognitive abilities and brain development. Etonkids musical courses select melodic songs and rhythmic musical elements so that kids can learn basic knowledge of music such as rhyme, beat, rhythm, strength and melody.


Art is an essential form of expression for all kids. With a caring class environment, kids are encouraged to observe and explore different forms of art. They will learn how to express themselves and interact with the world around them.


Sports are key to kids' study and growth. Etonkids sports will teach kids to work out in a variety of ways. They will have ample space to do sports. Meanwhile, they will learn how to respect other classmates' personal space. Through sport programs and games, team work and sportsmanship will also be highlighted as instrumental social skills which can help them grow and thrive.

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